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Pocket pocket protection system

Product Features: High-efficiency filters can be designed with single filtering or double filtering system

Product application: chemical and biological (CB) protection, chemistry, biological and radiology (CBR) protection, nuclearization

Product model: DIDO-17, DIDO-34, DIDO-117

Product Features:

The high efficiency filter can be designed with a single filtering or double filtering system: single weight is only one HEPA high efficiency filter, double is a initial filter. Performance security and reliability: bag pocket safer protection filter system to prevent air secondary pollution in order to prevent harmful particulate leakage during the replacement filter, effectively prevent air secondary pollution, using full closed bag design to ensure the safety of the replacement personnel; compact structure Design reasonable: To cater to large volume air filtering requirements, we can use the building block superimposed installation design, up to 5, effectively save space; strong structure, uninterrupted: Standard case housing is applied with white epoxy paint Reinforcement material. Maximum pressure-resistant positive pressure 2500Pa, negative pressure 3000Pa.


It is widely used in a variety of high-risk or high isolation requirements, such as chemical and biological (CB) protection, chemistry, biological and radiation (CBR) protection, nucleation, biological and chemical (NBC) protection, hospital isolation, Pharmaceutical equipment, microelectronics, food processing area, biological research, genetic and biotechnology laboratory, industrial treatment emission system, chemical treatment equipment, animal disease research laboratory, radioactive homology treatment equipment, nuclear power plant, strategic nuclear facility, DOE equipment , Military base, etc. It is usually connected to the exhaust system to prevent pollutants from leaking. And the filter is installed, replaced, and the detection is carried out under PVC bag protection, and the filter unit is not in contact with the outside air, thereby ensuring the safety of the personnel and the environment, making the replacement process easy and fast.

product structure:

Pocket pocket protection system


Pocket pocket protection system

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