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Precautions for installing FFU high efficiency filter in clean room

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High efficiency filter

1. FFUHigh efficiency filterInstallation conditions and steps:

1. The clean room must be airtight during installation, and the room must be kept clean and free of dust. All keels have been installed and leveled.

2. The installer must be equipped with clean clothes and clean gloves to prevent artificial contamination of the FFU box and high-efficiency filter.

3. It is recommended that the number of installers in each group is 6 people.

4. BecauseHigh efficiency filterUsing ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, the filter material is easy to break and damage and cause leakage. Therefore, do not fall or hit the filter during handling, unpacking, and installation. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to touch the filter material with fingers or other objects.

2. Precautions for installing FFU high efficiency filter in clean room:

1. The tools and aluminum ladders required to install the FFU are ready, and the two installers on the ceiling are ready, step on the keel, hold the hanging bolt and screw rod, pay attention to safety!

2. Two people are required to put the FFU on the high table, and the high efficiency filter must be ready for installation;

3. The personnel are all ready, the clean room personnel send the FFU to the ceiling, and the personnel on the ceiling respond;

Three: The FFU box needs to be tilted up;

Four: The ceiling personnel lift the FFU box, and the clean room personnel install the high-efficiency filter from below,

Five: The filter needs to be installed diagonally (pay attention to the direction of the windward side of the high efficiency filter);

Six: After the high-efficiency filter is installed smoothly and horizontally, head to the FFU box to check whether all the surroundings are pressed on the high-efficiency filter.

Five, FFUHigh efficiency filterMatters needing attention

1. FFU refers to air filtration device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean operating rooms.

2. FFU can be divided into primary filter, high efficiency filter and sub-high efficiency according to its working principle.

3. Suitable for air filtration at room temperature and humidity, allowing organic solvents containing trace acids and alkalis. This product has high efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity. It is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering and other fields.

The concept of FFU fan filter unit: FFU is the English abbreviation, the full name is Fan Filter Units, which means \"fan filter unit\" in Chinese. To be precise, it is a modular terminal air supply device with self-powered and filtering function.               Mobile: 13355281100
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