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Products || FFU fan filter unit

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FFUStructure and classification


FFU boxes are often used in aluminized zinc, stainless steel. The role is to support the fan and the airline, convert the dynamic pressure of the fan to static pressure.

2. Fan

Communication (AC), DC (DC) can usually be selected

3. Fluid board

The balanced device of the gas stream makes the internal airflow distribution of the boxes more uniform, which is built into the interior of the box, and around the fan.

4. Control components

For AC FFU, it is often used for five-speed governor or an accepted governor; the control chip of the DC system is embedded inside the motor, and remote control is achieved by means of dedicated control software, computer, air gateway and network line.


Classification according to power control: AC (AC system) DC (DC system)

Classified according to box material: aluminum-plated zinc plate, stainless steel plate (304/430)

Classified according to the filter: Glass Fiber / PTFE

Strike wind speed: common standard wind speed 0.45m / s

Overseas static pressure: also known as the remaining pressure, the parameter relationship of the FFU service life, which is closely related to the fan, generally requiring 0.45m / s in the wind, no less than 90Pa.


Refers to the uniformity of the FFU vetement, excellent fan, filter and scatter board design, and process level determine the advantages and disadvantages of this parameter.

Power consumption

The AC system is typically at 100-300 watts; the DC system is 50-220 watts. The DC system is 30% -50% compared with the AC power consumption.

With the customerFFUThe requirements of energy consumption, noise, and handling are increasingly high. The current DC FFU is more extensive, and Shandong Xinli FFU has great advantages in the air volume and product quality, and can save costs. Service hotline: 4006883551 / 13165316200.               Mobile: 13355281100
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