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Products || High-efficiency air filter selection points

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1.High efficiency air filterThe main control parameter filtering efficiency, rated air volume, the initial resistance, the amount of dust, etc.

2. Press GB / T6165-1985 \"High-efficiency Air Filter Performance Test Method Transmission and Resistance\" specified by the method, the transmittance is ≤0.1% (i.e., efficiency ≥99.9%) or a particle size ≥0.1 μm particles The filter for counting transmittance ≤ 0.001% (ie efficiency ≥99.999%) is a high efficiency air filter.

3. High-efficiency air filters commonly filled with ultrafine glass fibers.

4. The air filter should comply with fire prevention requirements, and the high-efficiency air filter is divided into three levels by fire resistance: 1 grade filter, all materials of the filter are non-fuel, and the non-combustible materials should comply with GB8624-1997 A. The 2-level filter, the filter filter should be a combustible material that meets GB8624-1997 A, the separator, and the frame can be used in accordance with GB8624-1997 B2 - level flammable materials. Level 3 filter, full material of the filter can be used in accordance with GB8624-1997 B3

5. When designing, it can be used as a final resistance according to the initiation of the initiation, and the calculation resistance is calculated as the filter.

6. The primary resistance of high efficiency air filters must not exceed 10% of the product sample resistance.

7. High-efficiency air filters should not be used alone, and high efficiency air filters should be provided at the end of the purified air conditioning system.

8. The lotus volume manufacturer should be available. The high efficiency filter will be leaking. Other requirements are set according to user needs.

9. Multi-combined filter air outlets in general non-parallel streamlined air conditioning systems.

Construction installation points:

Note that the installation seal of the high-efficiency filter, the sealing method has contact filler seals, liquid trough knife seals and negative pressure leak seals. Related Standard Atlas 07K505 \"Clean Surgery and Medical Gas Design and Installation\" Execute Standard Product Standard GB13554-92 \"High-efficiency Air Filter\" GB / T6165-1985 \"High-efficiency Air Filter Performance Test Method Transmission and Resistance\" Project Standard GB50073-2001 \"Clean Factory Design Specification\" GB50333-2002 \"Building Technical Specifications for Hospital Clean Surgery\" Table 1

Filtering efficiency and resistance meter

Filtering efficiency under rated air volume (%) 20% filtration efficiency (%) under rated air volume (%) Attsu (PA) Note A type Class A particle diameter ≥ 0.5 μm, ≥99.9 - ≤190 a, b, c three categories The efficiency is the efficiency of the sodium flame method; the efficiency of D class is calculated; the Class B particle size ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥ 0.5 μm, ≥99.999 ≥99.99 ≤ 250 D particle diameter ≥ 0.1 μm, ≥99.999 particle size ≥ 0.1 μm, ≥99.999 ≤ 280

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