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Relevant precautions for replacing FFU filter

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The regular maintenance and daily maintenance of FFU filter equipment during use is extremely important to the equipment. Only in the process of use, timely maintenance and maintenance of the equipment will help extend the life of the equipment and reduce operating costs. The editor of snyli Purification will explain the maintenance and related precautions of replacing the FFU filter:

Maintenance process of FFU filter:

The maintenance of the equipment can not only extend the work efficiency and life, but also reduce the user’s cost in many aspects. The equipment must be regularly overhauled and regularly cleaned and replaced in order to increase the service life. During the maintenance process, the operator must follow the professional regulations. Equipment is maintained and maintained. Maintenance personnel must also perform professional maintenance on equipment. Workshop management personnel need to carefully inspect and supervise.

During the daily maintenance of the equipment, the loose screws need to be tightened. Pay attention that the sealing strip cannot fall off. During the production stoppage, the equipment needs to run for two hours every two days to ensure that the filter medium is not mildewed; during regular maintenance , The filter needs to be inspected monthly, the filter medium must not be mildewed, damaged, etc., if necessary, replace it in time.

Before replacing the filter, you need to remove the old one, wipe the static pressure box clean, and then stick the tight sealing strip to the filter frame to install the equipment in the static pressure box, tighten the bolts, and pass the air through the dust After the air recorder is checked and the installation effect is ensured, the diffuser shall be installed back; the leak detection of the equipment shall be performed once every six months; if a problem is found, it shall be repaired and replaced in time.

Precautions for replacing FFU filter:

When replacing the filter, be sure to lift the box, take out the filter that needs to be replaced, and replace it with a new one. At this time, it should be noted that the airflow arrow mark of the filter must follow the air flow of the purification unit. Keep the direction of the flow consistent, and at the same time, ensure that the box cover is put back in place after the frame is sealed; during the equipment replacement process, special attention should be paid to unpacking, handling, installation and use, and the integrity of the filter paper must not be touched filter paper. Before installing the equipment, be sure to observe whether the equipment is damaged due to transportation or other reasons, for example, to see if there are any holes in the filter paper.               Mobile: 13355281100
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