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FFU fan filter unit, full name \"fan filter units \", is a self-driving force, a modular end air supply device having filtering efficacy.

Product advantages:

High efficiency, low noise turbine fan

3D turbofan, high wind, high efficiency, high static pressure, low noise

Elastic, diversified consideration, support non-standard customization

In addition to the standard model, you can do different specifications of the adapter model according to customer needs.

Multi-safety device

Current overload protection, fault indication, temperature overload protection, etc.

DC brushless motor design

Efficient, energy saving, reduces air conditioning system operating costs.


SNYLI-FFUWith low noise, low power consumption, small vibration, energy saving cost, etc. FFU is also suitable for other purification equipment, such as: clean shed, clean workbench, etc.

SNYLI-FFU regular dimensions (support non-standard custom):

Picture 1

SNYLI-FFUGroup control system advantage:

• The 485 control is used, the transmission speed is fast, and the signal is stable.

• Complete, secure, and open network systems, real-time monitoring and control.

• Self-regional or single FFU is independently monitored and controlled.

• The FFU is automatically saved after power-off, and then the last operation status (power supply, wind speed) will be operated again after delivery.

• The FFU software system needs to prompt FFU fault information through data information warning and alarm function.

• The alarm occurs when there is a certain color change, and the FFU fan button can be identified in the operation interface, intuitive and eye-catching.

• The FFU control box also has a field LED indicator to display a running state.

• The FFU automatic packet sequence is launched, avoiding the start of the start current in large-scale systems to impact user power systems.

After more than ten years of industry experience, the new environment has always adhered to the service tenet of\"customer interests above all \", continuously developing new products through technology improvement and upgrading, our strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. From R & D to after-sales, all products have multiple quality inspections, strict control, laminate, and quality.

All high-efficiency air filters are completed in the purification workshop, and will be tested by scanning to ensure the performance indicators of the high-efficiency filter, and can produce high-efficiency filters required for various non-standard specifications in accordance with user requirements. [Service Hotline: 400-688-3551 \ 13165316200]               Mobile: 13355281100
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