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Selection of high efficiency filters in the pharmaceutical industry

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The air quality in the pharmaceutical plant directly affects the quality of pharmaceutical production. Pharmaceutical companies have extremely high requirements on the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the production environment inside the workshop. According to the GMP level, the level of purification workshops in the pharmaceutical industry ranges from 100,000 to 100,000. Tens of millions of levels range, then how to match the clean room level with the filtration efficiency and specifications of the high efficiency filter? What level of high efficiency filter meets the requirements? The editor of snyli Purification will introduce to you in detail:

This needs to be calculated based on the normal air quality and high-efficiency filtration efficiency. Filter the dust particles in the air through the porous filter material of the air filter, so that the number of suspended dust particles in the air can reach the corresponding level requirements. Generally, H13 and H14 high efficiency filters are commonly used air filter equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. However, in order to prevent air leakage and reduce filtration efficiency, pay attention to its sealing degree when customizing the air filter, including the overall air intake, air treatment, air supply, and exhaust air links.

The high-efficiency air filter is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um. It consists of two parts: a filter element and a housing. It has high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and can be used continuously for a long time to reduce the cost of subsequent consumables. Features.

Selection of manufacturers of high efficiency filter in clean room of pharmaceutical factory

First of all, we must choose high-efficiency filters from professional manufacturers. Shandong snyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 10,000 square meters of independent workshops and more than 3,000 square meters of dust-free workshops. It is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has Complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and obtained a number of patents through independent research and development, product materials and technology are excellent.               Mobile: 13355281100
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