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Separation principle of bag filter

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Bag filter is a new type of filtration system with high filtering accuracy, large processing volume, low cost, easy to maintain, fast, fast specifications, variety of materials, and wide application range. It is widely used in biopharmaceutical, medical institutions, electronics, precision manufacturing, crystalline materials, food processing, etc. For side-in and top, the present is replaced by top-entry.

So, what is the separation principle of a bag filter? Shandong snyli Xiaobian will introduce you to the following.

It mainly relying on the dust flow through the filter media to achieve the separation purpose, it is the result of the comprehensive effect of screening, inertial collision, interception, diffusion, and static electricity.
1. Screening: When filtered, the diameter is larger than the filter cloth fiber, or the air-moving particles are intercepted. This screening action will be more remarkable after a dust group having a thickness is formed on the surface of the filter cloth.
2, inertial collision: In the inertial collision effect, the inertia of the particles acts. The greater the quality of the particles, the stronger is high, the stronger the inertia effect.

Interception: When the particle size is large, the interceptor is more prominent when the ratio is larger than the capture size. The interception efficiency is generally used in direct interception ratio.
4, Brown diffusion: The particles will sway around their shells and produce Brown movements. When the surface of the filtered cloth is very close, it will be separated from it. Decrease the speed, when the particle size is reduced, the diffusion is enhanced.
5, electrostatic action: dust and filter cloth fibers may be electrostatically electricity, from the surface, the phase suction or repellency, affect the separation efficiency of the bag filter.

Under the integrated effect of dust, it gradually capture on the surface of the filter bag and forms the primary layer of the dust. The primary layer of the dust is the main filter layer of the bag filter, which is more important than the filter cloth. When cleaning, the dust is not damaged, otherwise the dust removal efficiency is significantly reduced. When the dust accumulates to a certain extent on the filter cloth, when the filter resistance reaches a certain value, it is necessary to clearly. The above is the working principle of the bag filter, pay attention to Shandong snyli official public account, Shandong snyli is committed to the development of the air purification industry!               Mobile: 13355281100
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