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Several Factors Affecting Air Quality in Air Shower

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influencesAir showerSeveral factors of air qualityWhat is itLet me explain to you the editor of Shandong snyli Purification

1.Clean room operators should strictly follow the clean room operating rules. The doors and windows of the clean room are closed at all times. The transfer of people and goods between the clean room and the non-clean room requires a buffer zone, and there is convection. People who have nothing to do with production cannot enter the clean room.

2.The ventilation frequency of the clean room and the air supply volume of the air conditioning purification system are the main reasons for maintaining the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room, but they are restricted by the final resistance of the filters at all levels of the purification system.

3.Clean room equipment requires regular, regular, and scheduled cleaning and maintenance, and whether the materials and cleaning liquids used in cleaning meet the requirements of clean room management.

4.For users, the cleanliness of the clean room is the focus of their most concern. The biggest source of pollution in the clean room during operation is people and items entering the clean room. The dust particles produced in the production are also another reason for the indoor cleanliness.

5.The reasonable separation of the flow of people and logistics is of great significance to maintaining indoor cleanliness. Do people change their clothes and shower before entering the clean room, whether the clothing meets the standards of clean management regulations, and whether some production technologies must take a bath before entering the cleanliness. Whether to change the packaging and shower before entering the clean room, and whether the replaced materials meet the standards of the clean room Wait.               Mobile: 13355281100
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