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Several things you need to know about choosing FFU fan filter unit for clean room

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1. Shandong snyli PurificationFFUFeatures:

1. Industry-leading sine wave vector control technology of brushless DC motor without position sensor;

2. The full closed-loop control starts at zero speed, and there is no risk of failure of open-loop and closed-loop switching;

3. The starting current is small, the acceleration and deceleration are stable, and the motor has no risk of demagnetization;

4. Perfect sine wave operation, low loss, low noise and low vibration;

5. Powerful motor torque control function, high speed accuracy, smooth forward start when 400 rpm upwind;

6. Complete protection for overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, overtemperature and other abnormalities;

7. Meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety certification;

8. Smaller standby power consumption (<1.2W) and higher overall machine efficiency;

9. Integrated PFC function to achieve higher power factor and lower harmonic current;

10. The key components adopt foreign famous brand products to ensure high performance and high reliability.


1. Please ensure that the unit is vertical when you transport, unload, and hoist, and it is strictly forbidden to turn over the unit;

2. When leaving the factory, the unit is packed with multiple protections, please use a forklift when unloading;

3. In order to ensure the long-term operation of the unit, this unit should not be installed in places where oily smoke, flammable gas, dusty, particularly humid, public passages or foreign objects may block the filter;

4. In order to prevent the unit from being severely corroded, do not install it in places that are susceptible to corrosion by salt and alkali, or in the air with a lot of sulfurous acid;

5. When the unit is installed, the commercial port of the unit needs to leave enough air inlet space to ensure uniform air inlet;

6. The unit and the high-efficiency filter are installed on the ceiling keel, and the seal is realized by its own weight.

three,FFUMaintenance of fan filter unit

1. Always observe the operating conditions of the unit, and disconnect the power supply in time if abnormal conditions are found;

2. Do not disassemble electrical components at will.               Mobile: 13355281100
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