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Shandong Xinli || FFU fan filter unit

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Shandong Xinli || FFU fan filter unit

New power purification

Wind turbine filterIt is a self-powered air blow filter, a Fan filter unit, a modular end air supply device having filtering efficacy. The fan filter is filtered from the top and filtered through Hepa / ULPA, and the filtered clean air is evenly sent at a speed of about 0.45 m / s ± 20% throughout the wind.

The FFU fan filter unit can be modularly connected, and the FFU fan filter is widely used in the dust-free chamber, a dust-free operating station, a dust-free production line, an assembled dust-free chamber and a local level. Using the FFU fan filter unit to make simple clean workbenches, clean sheds, clean and net delivery cabinets.

Xinli FFU fan filter unit material uses aluminized zinc / stainless steel, simple generic body design, FFU fan filter unit diversified design, conventional size body thickness is 265mm / 300mm, plus high-efficiency filter does not exceed 370mm, weight is about For 24kg, (support customization) convenient construction installation and daily maintenance, Xinli FFU fan filter unit can save cost, ultra low noise, uniform wind pressure diffusion, uniform wind speed, low operating cost, long operating life, long design life More than 100,000 hours.

New power purification

Material Description:

Box material: aluminized zinc / stainless steel / spray cold rolled steel plate

Filtration material: ultrafine glass filter paper / PTFE filter material

Product advantages:

With a non-barrier folding filter, filter material can be selected, the resistance is low, and the space is small.

Strong adsorption capacity, reliable performance

Compact, diversified design, convenient installation and maintenance

Diverse optional accessories

Xinli FFUWind turbine cloud monitoring system overview

Each serial port server selects (one port, two ports, four ports, eight ports), with an eight-port server as an example, each port can pick 1-12 data collectors

Each data collector can be connected to five sets of FFU, each set of FFUs can connect up to 63 FFUs

If you need to monitor more, you can order an eight-port serial server.

Product real shot

Shandong XinliShandong Xinli

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