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Shandong Xinli || The choice of air filter

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Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. originated in 2010 and focused on purifying the industry for 12 years, providing customers with high -quality air filters and other products for customers, and providing a good purification environment for customers' office, construction, and production. Essence

air filterIt is a device that captures the dust from the gas solid flow through the effect of porous filtration materials and the gas can be purified. It sends the low dust purification processing to the room to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the cleanliness of the air in the ordinary air -conditioned room.


Filter selection

The most important task of filter is to reduce particulate matter and pollutants in the indoor environment. When formulating air filtration solutions, it is crucial to select the correct filter.

First of all, the purification level must be clarified. Once the requirements of the filtering level are determined, you can choose the appropriate filtering solution. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the entire filtering system can meet the filtering level requirements of the particulate matter during use. Then optimize resistance and air flow to reduce energy consumption.

The use of effective air supply filters can remove most of the dangerous particulate matter and pollutants to prevent them from entering the room.

In order to keep different levels of filter as low as possible and save energy costs, the structural design of the filter is crucial. Increasing the area of ​​the filter material, selecting the appropriate filter material, and optimizing the shape of the filter bag can reduce the resistance.

The cone joints inside the filter bag can prevent them from interacting with the surface of the filter and further promoting the flow of airflow, which also reduces energy consumption without affecting the efficiency of the filter.

air filter

If the indoor requirements are generally purified, the initial efficiency filter can be used; if the indoor requirements are used for medium purification, the two -stage filter of the initial effect and medium effect should be adopted; Class purification filtration, and reasonable and properly match the efficiency of filters at all levels. If the efficiency of the two adjacent filters is too different, the first -level air filter will not be able to play the next -level high -efficiency air filter. Protective effects.

When the dust concentration in the filter gas is expressed by the weight concentration, the efficiency is the weight efficiency; when the counting concentration is represented, the efficiency is the counting efficiency; Efficiency, etc. The most commonly used method is the counting efficiency represented by the dust particles concentration in the air filter in the air filter.

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