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Shandong Xinli || \"职 \" waiting for you

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Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation:Shandong Xinli/ Xinli Environment), originated in 2010, is committed to the development of the air purification industry, is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R & D, design, production, sales, registered brands \"snyli \", main business: FFU, air filter, liquid tank filter, chemical filter, wound filter, air supply, lamination, ribroom, transfer window, purification shed, clean engineering, providing indoor air quality control solutions Provide air quality control equipment OEM, etc.. Shandong Xinli always adheres to the concept of employers who \"people-oriented, morality, and only\" \". Under the leadership of the core team of the company, under the leadership of the general manager, it has created an excellent team with morality, knowledge and skill, unity and efficient and pragmatic. Now, due to the development needs of enterprise business, the following position is now recruited. We sincerely welcome the purification industry and have a lofty idea with rich experience to join our team.

Shandong Xinli

I. Director of Marketing

Salary: Negotiable

Recruitment number: 1 person

Contact: 18053165610 / 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: Shandong. Jinan

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. According to the company's development strategy, the annual work plan and implementation plan for the company will develop the annual work plan and implementation plan of the department, the integration of existing resources for the department, and supervise the progress of the tracking completion, ensuring the completion of the annual work plan of the department; 2 Participate in the formulation of the company's marketing strategy, develop company marketing combination strategies and marketing programs based on marketing strategies, and organize it after approval;

3. Collect industry information, regularly verify marketing environment, goals, plan, business activities, adjust marketing strategies and plans, develop prevention and corrective measures to ensure the completion of marketing objectives and marketing plans; 4. Responsible to decompose the company distribution Go to the annual work goal of the sales department and marketing budget, and timely adjust and effectively control according to the market and the company's actual situation;

5. Regularly report its own work and subordinate departments to the general manager in writing;

6. Establish and manage sales teams, complete sales objectives, analyze and develop markets and improve their after-sales service;

7. Responsible for establishing and maintaining good partnership with customers.

[job requirements ]

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Experience in sales management in 3-5 years;

3. Understand the knowledge of business, information management;

4. Excellent market analysis of insights, with comprehensive profound marketing knowledge and skills;

5. With certain management leadership, communication and coordination of communication skills and teamwork ability.

Second, the sales manager

[East China / North China / Southwest / South China Region]

Salary: 8-20K

Recruitment number: 10 people

Contact: 18053165610 / 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: All local branches Office [Beijing, Jinan, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchang]

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Implement the company's marketing strategy, plan, using a variety of channels to develop new market areas and customers, and complete the company's subsequent regional sales task indicators;

2. Understand the information of regional markets, policies, and competitors; develop weekly and month sales plans within its own area;

3. Maintain existing sales channels and customer resources, strengthen the business relationship between the two parties, and eliminate the loss of customers; follow the progress of the product project;

4. Complete other jobs arranged by the leadership.

[job requirements ]

1. Good communication skills and business negotiation capabilities; strong psychological tolerance, independent work and social ability

2, can adapt to the business trip (the provincial area is long-term and short-term in the province, can choose according to their own situation);

3, strong implementation, sensitive to the market;

4. There are industrial sales experience priority

Third, sales engineer

Salary: 5-10K

Recruitment number: 10 people

Contact: 19963539900 / 4006883551

work place:

All local branches [Beijing, Jinan, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchang]

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Develop and maintain regional customer resources and establish a good customer relationship;

2. Independently complete the project quotation, contract, sign form, payment, weekly reports, etc., can cooperate with other matters to complete the leadership;

3. Manage the maintenance customer relationship and the long-term strategic cooperation plan between customers;

4. Develop new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales range.

[job requirements ]

1. Adapt to business trips, business entertainment, specialist and above, under 35 years of age;

2. Has a certain sales experience, HVAC, air and net industry sales experience is preferred;

3. Responsible, can withstand a large work pressure, have a certain market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness;

4. Have a certain market analysis and judgment, and good customer service awareness.

Fourth, foreign trade commissioner

Salary: 6-12K

Recruitment number: 3 people

Contact: 18053165610 / 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: Shandong. Jinan

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Use the company's B2B platform, Google Engine and other sales platforms and other resource support, independently develop customers;

2. Execute the company's marketing strategy, plan, and develop the market development plan for the region, and strive to complete the sales target;

3. Responsible for collecting, analyzing, organizing, archiving market information such as customer needs, competitors in the region;

4. Tight communication with the company's departments, track foreign trade orders in the process of internal planning, production, packaging, transportation, etc.

5. Conduct a declaration document, the production of customs clearance documents, the record, archive, and analysis of relevant services.

[job requirements ]

1, unintended to be undergraduate, English listening, fluent, with CET6 level, listening, speaking, reading and writing;

2, international trade, business English, etc.

3. Familiar with import and export trade processes can be independently carried out

4. Have a good sales awareness and customer service awareness; have certain business negotiation skills and public relations capacity

V. R & D engineer

[HVAC and electrical automation direction]

Salary: 6-12k

Recruitment number: 3 people

Contact: 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: Shandong. Liaocheng

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Responsible for the research and development and design of the product;

2. Responsible for the improvement and preparation of product processing technology;

3. Responsible for completing the electrical design tasks of each project group;

4. Responsible for the automation, electrical system design and technical support of HVAC projects;

5. Host or participate in electrical, HVAC project design, guiding electrical and HVAC quality progress;

6. Write procedures, draw circuit diagrams, and columns require electrical components, sensors, inverters, board, PLC, touch screen and other models and performance;

7. Responsible for equipment electrical appliances and HVAP commissioning, after-sales maintenance technical support.

[job requirements ]

1. Warm and electrical automation related majors;

2. Have good organizational capabilities, communication skills, coordination capabilities, strong on-site management capabilities, strong sense of responsibility;

3. Familiar with the relevant national HVAC, electrical engineering management laws, regulations, proficient in HVAC, electrical professional acceptance specifications and procedures;

4. It has related knowledge related to industrial automation, automatic control, electrical technology.

Sixth, product engineers

[Air filter, purification equipment direction]

Salary: 6-12K

Recruitment number: 3 people

Contact: 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: Shandong. Liaocheng

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Proficiency in CAD, SolidWorks, familiarize with sheet metal structure, standardization, design process, according to order content, drawings or sample completion of engineering drawing, make qualified products;

2. Check if the drawings, materials, and BOM information are perfect, predict the amount of materials, and cost control;

3. Strong learning ability, can continue to promote product quality, production efficiency, continue to improve air filter production technology, production capacity, quality and optimized product structure;

4. Familiar with ventilation filtration technology, product improvement upgrade and new product development, assess the feasibility of R & D products.

[job requirements ]

1. College degree or above, mechanical equipment design, environmental engineering, polymer materials, chemical and related engineering;

2. Has strong psychological endurance, strong communication, coordination skills, and teamwork ability;

3. Have a good professional ethics.


Salary: 3-5K

Recruitment number: 1 person

Contact: 19963539900 / 4006883551

Work location: Shandong. Liaocheng

[Job Responsibilities ]

1. Check the legitimacy and accuracy of the original voucher, complete the work of cash payment, reimbursement and other work;

2. Responsible for banking work, including accounting, withdrawal, transfer, settlement, etc.

3. Do a good job in cash journal and bank deposit journal, promptly register the verification;

4. According to the needs of enterprises, according to the relevant regulations of the enterprise, send and keep in cash to ensure the smooth progress of the business management;

5. Responsible for inquiry corporate cash and bank deposits to ensure the accounts.

6. Responsible for completing the processing related to banks, including partial tax payment;

7. Responsible for material access library, materials, fixed assets statistics, reimbursement, tax duties, development tickets and other related services;

8. Actively cooperate with other work.

[job requirements ]

1. Construction of college college specialist and above, accounting or financial management majors, Excellent graduates can also be considered;

2. Expert financial software can be skilled in using professional financial software, skilled in office software, and more than one year of financial software practical operation experience;

3. Financial expertise, including national financial laws and regulations, tax law, familiar with settlement reimbursement;

4. Work is serious, and the attitude is correct, with a good professional ethics;

5. Understand the National Finance and Economics Policy and Accounting, Tax Regulations, and Familiarize with Bank Settlement Business.               Mobile: 13355281100
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