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Shandong snyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd. 2021 recruitment notice

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Shandongsnyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Due to business development needs, nowNeed to recruit likeIf you leave a post, self-recommendations or recommendations are welcome.

One,Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Job Responsibilities:

1. Customize and design products according to customer needs;

2. Design and develop new products according to market needs and R&D plans;

3. Keep and revise product drawings and technical parameters;

job requirements

1. Major in mechatronics or mechanical manufacturing or familiar with relevant knowledge and principles of electromechanical equipment;

2. More than one year of equipment design and development work experience, successful design cases are preferred

3,proficientCADDrawing and 3D drawing

two,Foreign trade sales

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for external liaison business in the international market, promote the company to foreign merchants, develop the market, and promptly handle customer inquiries and various needs.

2. Responsible for the tracking of foreign trade orders in the internal planning, production, packaging, and transportation of the company;

3. Responsible for the daily maintenance and information update of the company's website platforms;Can build and operate skillfullyB2BPlatform to develop customers to obtain orders.

4. Responsible for information collection and sorting, including market information, customer information, partner information, etc.;

5. Pay attention to collecting first-line market information and user opinions, feedback to the company, and provide reference for the company's market development, after-sales service, product quality, new product development, etc.

6. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

job requirements:

1. Proficiency in written and spoken English

2. Ability to independently operate various international trade websites

3. Familiar with foreign trade and customs declaration process

three,postsale engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the coordinated management of the product construction site

2. Responsible for product installation training

3. Carry out product after-sales debugging

job requirements:

1. Have strong communication skills and the ability to maintain and coordinate customers;

2. Skilled useCADWait for drawing software, can read and understand design drawings well

3. Have a certain degree of electromechanical or electrical engineering; be able to accept business trips

four,Programming graphics engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product design, analysis, and drawing; explain design drawings and provide technical guidance

2. Responsible for reviewing the product process drawings and assisting in improving the product process drawings;

3. R&D and programming of control and detection systems according to product conditions;

4. According to the customer's on-site use needs, the equipment program is matched and improved

job requirements:

1. Mechanical related majors; familiar with the control procedures and principles of electromechanical and mechanical equipment, and familiar with the upper computer system

2. More than one year of equipment program programming development experience, successful design case is preferred;

3. Familiar with the use and maintenance of drawing instruments and tools;

4. Skilled applicationAutoCADDrawing software and three-dimensional drawing

5. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with a good spirit of innovation and teamwork;

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