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Shandong snyli takes you to understand why FFU is equipped with an efficient filter?

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Why is FFU to match the high-efficiency filter? The following is given to you by Shandong snyli's Xiaobian. In the factory-type transformation refurbishment, the cleanliness level can be improved, reducing noise and vibration, can also greatly reduce cost, easy to install and maintain, is an ideal component of clean environment. The FFU is equipped with a high-efficiency filter to filter the air and filtered through the initial, high-efficiency filter, and filtered clean air is delivered at a wind speed of 0.45 m / s ± 10% throughout the wind. FFU is a clean room of different sizes, different cleanliness rating, and the microenvironment offers high quality clean air.

After the FFU works, the fan is operated, and the air is inhaled, the air reaches the FFu static pressure box, and the air is used to reach high efficiency filtration, and then distributed through high efficiency.

Shandong snyli FFU Advantage:

01. Industry-leading DC brushless motor without position sensor sine wave vector control technology;

02. The split box structure is complete, and it is convenient for maintenance;

03. Perfect sine wave operation, low loss, low noise, small vibration;

04. Key devices use domestic and foreign products to ensure high performance and high reliability;

05.ffu can choose the fitting;

06. High quality, high efficiency, saving operating costs;

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