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Talking about the meaning of DC FFU for dust-free workshop

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As people's gradual attention to the purification industry, the application of the dust-free workshop has gradually widened, doing DC FFUs as a device inside the dust-free workshop, what is the meaning of the dust-free workshop? We may wish to look at it together :

DC FFU's role

DC FFUThe sales volume in the purification industry is very large, I believe that friends in many industries have some understanding, and many customers who purchase air filter purification equipment will choose Shandong Xinli Purification DC FFU as the workshop purification equipment, so that the workshop has reached Very good purification effect.

The installation position of DC FFU is not limited by the region. The size and material of the chassis can be made in accordance with the customer's requirements. The DC FFU has the same advantages, including convenient installation, small vibration, uniform wind speed, low noise, maintenance-free , Working hours, etc.

Application of DC FFU in a dust-free workshop

The quality of food has become a topic that people pay very attention, and people's quality requirements are increasingly high. The quality of food quality is completely determined by the production technology and the environment, and the food industry is very strict for food processing environment and production environment requirements.

Therefore, the dust-free workshop is built in the production workshop in the production workshop, and it is used as contaminated air in the interior to ensure the quality of the product. However, a simple dust-free workshop is not enough to completely discharge the contaminants in the room, and must use some purification equipment to use, Shandong XinliDC FFUAfter filtrating the air inhaled in the top of the dust-free workshop, the clean air is sent in a uniform wind speed, so that the dust-free workshop reaches the purification demand.               Mobile: 13355281100
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