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The advantages of self-cleaning transfer window as a transfer device for clean room

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Transfer window

Self-purificationTransfer windowIt is a kind of equipment that has a significant effect on preventing pollution. Its double-door interlocking form can effectively reduce the number of staff entering the clean room for transporting items and prevent outside air from entering the clean room. It has also become clean. Ideal transfer device in the room.

For now, self-cleaning transfer windows have been widely used in micro-technology, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing industries, LCDs, electronics factories, etc., where air purification is required. In addition to this self-cleaning transfer window with an air self-purification device, there are also standard transfer windows, which play different roles in different fields.

The self-cleaning transfer window can be divided into mechanical interlocking and electronic interlocking according to the door interlocking form; and the difference of the shell material can also be used as its classification basis, and some are self-cleaningTransfer windowThe color steel plate is used as the shell, and some are sprayed with thin steel plate or all stainless steel.               Mobile: 13355281100
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