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The air filter is not a so-called sieve

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air filter

Now, takeair filterTechnology, so that the concentration of dust particles in the clean room or local purification area is controlled within the allowable range to ensure the level of cleanliness requirements. Shandong snyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd., with more than ten years of experience in the purification industry, integrates R&D, production and sales to meet customers' high-quality requirements for air purification products.

There are a large number of suspended dust particles in the atmosphere, and their existence greatly affects the precision, miniaturization, high quality, high purity and high reliability of products.

The particulate pollutant suspended in the air by the air filter is composed of solid or liquid particles. Atmospheric dust can be divided into narrow atmospheric dust and general atmospheric dust: atmospheric dust in a narrow sense refers to solid particles in the atmosphere, that is, real dust; the modern concept of atmospheric dust includes both solid particles and polydisperse aerosols of liquid particles. It refers specifically to suspended particles in the atmosphere with a particle size of less than 10 μm, which is the broad sense of atmospheric dust.

   air filterFor particles larger than 10μm, because they are heavier, after a period of irregular Brownian motion, they will gradually sink to the ground under the action of gravity, which is the main target of ventilation and dust removal; dust particles of 0.1-10μm in the atmosphere It also makes irregular movements in the air. Because of its light weight, it is easy to float with the airflow, and it is difficult to sink to the ground. Therefore, the concept of atmospheric dust in air cleaning technology is different from the concept of dust in general dust removal technology.

The main task of the air filter is to adopt air filtration technology to capture the 0.1-10μm suspended dust particles and microorganisms in the atmosphere according to the production process of various products, different processes, and the air cleanliness level of various rooms, so that the clean room Or the concentration of dust particles or the concentration of bacteria in the local purification area is controlled within the allowable range to ensure the level of cleanliness requirements.

There are five main functions of the filter layer of the filter to trap particles:

1. Interception effect: When a particle of a certain size moves near the fiber surface, the distance from its center line to the fiber surface is less than the particle radius, and the dust particles will be intercepted by the filter fiber and deposited.

2. Inertial effect: When the particle mass or speed is large, the particle will be deposited on the surface of the fiber due to inertia.

3. Diffusion effect: The Brownian motion of particles with small diameters is stronger and easy to collide on the fiber surface.

4. Gravity effect: When particles pass through the fiber layer, they are deposited on the fiber due to gravity sedimentation.

5. Electrostatic effect: Fibers or particles may be charged, resulting in an electrostatic effect that attracts particles and attracts the particles to the surface of the fiber.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of customers for clean rooms, every product manufactured by snyli Purification will be strictly inspected by the factory quality inspector and meet the product quality standards before leaving the factory;air filterProduction and testing are all completed in the dust-free workshop.               Mobile: 13355281100
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