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The correct use method and maintenance points of the air shower room!

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Air showerThe clean air blown out can remove dust carried by people, and can effectively block or reduce dust sources from entering the clean area. At the same time, the two doors of the air shower room are electronically interlocked, which can act as an air lock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. It is a highly versatile local purification equipment.

The air shower room is generally installed in the decontamination room, as a passage between the clean room and the non-clean room. So, how should the air shower room be used to play its role? How to maintain and maintain its life longer?

1. The correct use of the air shower

1. Before entering the air shower, personnel should change shoes or wear shoe covers outside the dressing room, remove watches, accessories and other items, wear clean clothes, and wash hands, dry, and disinfect.

2. After opening the stainless steel air shower door and entering the air shower room, the air shower door will automatically close the outer door immediately, infrared (sound control/human body heat) induction, and the air shower will automatically start.

3. The personnel stand in the sensing area and turn around 360 degrees to blow more thoroughly.

4. Blowing in the air shower room for 10S (set before leaving the factory, the time is adjustable), after the blowing is completed, after hearing the intelligent voice prompt, the door can be opened and enter the clean workshop from the direction of the air shower room.

5. The two doors of the air shower room are controlled by electronic interlocking and cannot be opened at the same time. The door cannot be opened before the end of the shower. Forcible opening will damage the electronic lock or even the entire door.

two,Air showerCare and maintenance

1. When there is a failure in the air shower room, you should quickly press the emergency stop switch to turn off the power, and then call the air shower room manufacturer to send someone to check.

2. When the wind speed is found to be low, first check whether the surface of the primary air filter is black. If it is black, it means that the pre-filter contains more dust and the resistance increases. The woven fabric is cleaned or replaced.

3. When the non-woven fabric is replaced or cleaned, the wind speed still cannot be increased, which means that the high efficiency air filter has been blocked, causing increased resistance, and the high efficiency air filter should be replaced.

4. The primary filter in the air shower room is generally replaced every six months, and the high-efficiency filter is replaced every year.

5. When the fan in the air shower is not working, check whether the emergency switch of the outdoor box of the air shower is cut off at the first time. If it is confirmed to be cut off, gently press it with your hand and rotate it to the right to release it.

6. Regularly check and repair the electrical circuit. If there is any fault, refer to the electrical schematic diagram for repair.

7. Enclose the door regularly to align the electronic lock with its key hole to avoid the lock pin from jamming.

8. The temperature of the air shower room should not exceed 50℃, and the use of open flames is strictly prohibited.               Mobile: 13355281100
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