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The correct use of the air shower can effectively inhibit bacteria and dust

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In many production tasks, due to the high requirements of the product, it is usually carried out under aseptic conditions during production and processing. Due to the presence of some impurities and bacterial particles in the working environment, this production purpose cannot be achieved in ordinary processing places.

at this time,Air showerIt can be used to prevent people from carrying bacteria and dust into the operating room. Many users encounter such problems when using air showers. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the cleaning effect of the air shower and the way the equipment is used. When installing the air shower, please use the correct operation of the equipment and execute the power supply and control panel of the equipment regularly. Check whether people do not perform these tests when using the air shower. Due to operating errors, it is easy to affect the application effect of the device.

Air showerThe on-site installation should be handled by professionals. When using the air shower, you should promptly feedback and deal with any operational problems, so that the air shower can maintain a stable working state. When installing and using the air shower, the entrance of the clean room should be kept clean and there should be no leakage. If you need to deal with the surrounding environment of the device during installation, you can adjust it by filling. And make sure the equipment is in a horizontal position.               Mobile: 13355281100
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