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The difference and comparison between the clean shed and the clean room

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1. Different definitions

1,Cleaning shedAlso known as clean work sheds (dust -free sheds, purification sheds, operating tables, etc.), it refers to a small space with anti -static grid curtains or organic glass in a clean room. The room is high -purified in the room, and the cleaning shed can be equipped with air -leaching rooms, transmitting windows and other purification equipment;

2. The clean room refers to the exclusion of the particles, harmful air, bacteria, etc. in the air within a certain space, and the temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and air flow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, lighting and lighting, lighting, noise vibration, noise, noise, noise vibration distribution, noise vibration distribution, noise vibration distribution Static power control is within a certain demand range, and the room given specially designed. That is, regardless of how the external air conditions change, their indoor can maintain the characteristics of cleanliness, temperature and humidity, and pressure that the original requirements set. The main role of the clean room is to control the cleanliness of the atmosphere of the product and the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. We call it a clean room as a space;

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2. Material comparison

1,Cleaning shedFrames can generally be divided into three types: stainless steel squares, paint iron squares, and industrial aluminum profiles. The top and can be used with stainless steel steel plates, paint cold -plastic steel plates, anti -static grid curtains and acrylic organic glass. The surroundings are generally used with anti -static grid curtains or organic glass, and the air supply parts are used in FFU cleanliness.

2. The clean room is generally used in foam color steel or rock wool ceiling with a standing wall. There is an independent air -conditioning air supply system. The air is filtered through the middle and high -efficiency three -level filtration.

Third, the choice of cleaning shed purification level:

For more customers, they will choose a thousand -level clean shed or a 10,000 -level cleaning shed. A small number of customers will choose a hundred or 10,000 levels. In short, the choice of cleaning shed levels is to determine the needs of customers for cleanliness, but because the cleaning shed is relatively closed. If the selection of clean shed levels is relatively low, some side effects will often be brought about. It feels sultry, so in the process of communication with customers, you need to pay attention to this.

Fourth, the cost of cleaning shed and dust -free workshop:

1. Cleansing sheds are usually built in a clean room, so there is no need to consider the wind chamber, transmission window, and air conditioning air supply system. The cost and clean room will be greatly reduced. Of course There is a certain relationship. The clean shed will be built in the dust -free room, but some customers do not want to build a dust -free workshop separately. In the case of cleaning the air -conditioning system and the purification equipment such as air -conditioning systems, wind chamber, transmission window 40%~ 60%of the dust -free workshop, depending on the customer's choice of cleaning shed materials and the size of the clean shed. The larger the cleansing area, the smaller the difference between the cost of clean shed and the dustless workshop.

Five, pros and cons

1. A) Cleansing sheds are fast, low in cost, easy to disassemble, and can be reused;

B) Since the clean shed is usually about 2 meters, if a large amount of FFU is used, the internal noise of the clean shed will be great;

C) Because there is no independent air -conditioning air supply system, the inside of the clean shed often feels sultry;

D) If the cleaning shed is not built in a clean room, due to the lack of filtering of medium -efficient air filters, the life span of high -efficiency filters will be shortened by the clean room life. This frequently replace the high -efficiency filter will increase the cost.

2. A) The construction of the clean room is slow and the cost is higher;

B) The clean room is usually about 2600mm, and the staff will not feel depressed at work inside.

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