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The effect of wind speed on air filter

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Wind speedair filterThe influence of small particle size dust (Brownian motion) is obvious, the wind speed is low, the airflow stays in the filter material for a longer time, and the dust has more chances to hit obstacles, so the filter efficiency is high. Experience has shown that for a high-efficiency filter, if the wind speed is reduced by half, the dust permeability will be reduced by nearly an order of magnitude (the efficiency value is increased by a 9), and the wind speed doubled, and the permeability will increase by an order of magnitude (the efficiency is reduced by a 9).

Similar to the effect of diffusion, when the filter material is electrostatically charged (electret material), the longer the dust stays in the filter material, the greater the possibility of being adsorbed by the material. Changing the wind speed will significantly change the filtration efficiency of electrostatically charged materials. If you know that there is static electricity on the material, you should reduce the amount of air passing through each filter as much as possible when designing the air conditioning system.

For large particles of dust dominated by inertial mechanism, according to traditional theory, after the wind speed is reduced, the probability of dust colliding with fibers will decrease, and the filtration efficiency will be reduced accordingly. But in practice, this effect is not obvious, because the wind speed is lower, the rebound force of the fiber to the dust is also smaller, and the dust is more likely to be stuck.

The wind speed is high, the resistance is high. If the service life of the filter is based on the final resistance and the wind speed is high, the service life of the filter is short. It is difficult for general users to actually observe the influence of wind speed on filtration efficiency, but it is much easier to observe the influence of wind speed on resistance.

For efficient filterThe speed of air flow through the filter material is generally 0.01~0.04m/s. In this range, the resistance of the filter is proportional to the air volume of the filter. For example, a 484×484×220mm high efficiency filter has an initial resistance of 250Pa under the rated air volume of 1000m3/h. If the actual air volume in use is 500m3/h, its initial resistance can be reduced to 125Pa.

For the general ventilation filter in the air-conditioning box, the speed of the airflow through the filter material is within the range of 0.13~1.0m/s, and the resistance and air volume are no longer in a linear relationship, but an upward arc, the air volume increases by 30%, and the resistance It may increase by 50%. If the filter resistance is a very important parameter for you, you have to ask the filter supplier for the resistance curve.               Mobile: 13355281100
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