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The filtration accuracy of medium-efficiency filters is mainly used in air conditioning and centralized air supply systems

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Medium efficiency filterMainly used in air conditioning and centralized air supply systems. It can be used for primary filtration of air conditioning systems to protect the filters and systems in the system. Where air purification and cleanliness are not important, the air treated by the medium-efficiency air filter can be directly delivered to the user. Medium-efficiency air filters are widely used in air conditioning and ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and other industrial purification. The medium efficiency filter can also be used as the front filter of the air filter to reduce the load on the air filter. Extended service life.

  Medium efficiency filter(Bag filter) is cold plate spraying, galvanized plate and other forms. The filter material is non-woven fabric, glass fiber, etc. The filter has a particle size of 1 to 5 μm and has high filtration efficiency. It is 60~95% (colorimetric method). Filter materials are usually divided into: F5 (yellow), F6 (green), F7 (light pink), F8 (light yellow) and F9 (white).

Medium-efficiency air filters are divided into two types: bag type and F5, F6, F7, F8, F9. Non-bag type includes FB (plate-type medium-efficiency filter), FS (separator medium-efficiency filter), FV (combined type) Medium-efficiency filter).

1) Function: Capture 1-5um dust particles

2) Filtration efficiency grade: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9

  Medium-efficiency air filterThe filter range is 1-5μm dust particles, which can filter dust and protect the filter. Depending on the filter material, we usually use medium-efficiency filters, such as glass fiber and metal wire cell foam, which are usually used in clean rooms.

The stable medium-efficiency air filter can keep the standard of the clean room constant and provide different standards for the clean room. It is usually used to set standards to limit the amount of dust greater than or equal to a certain particle size within a certain volume of a clean room to a certain amount. For example, in foreign countries, clean room-cubic feet of air with dust ≥ 0.5 microns of dust does not exceed 100, which is defined as a \"100\" class clean room. It is also useful to determine the amount of dust in the air in the clean room and the amount of dust that can be deposited per unit time in the clean room.

The standard level of the clean room directly affects capital construction investment and maintenance costs. Therefore, when using the clean room standard, it should be carefully determined according to production needs and other factors. After the clean room is completed and put into production, the measured amount of dust of different particle sizes contained in the air volume of the indoor unit is called the cleanness of the clean room. The clean room standard was selected before the clean room design. The cleanliness of the clean room reflects the various cleaning equipment, management, maintenance and other levels in the clean room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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