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The internal structure and application scope of the bag filter

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Bag filter

 Bag filterUsed in many liquid filter applications, including bulk chemicals, food industry applications, such as vegetable oils, coolants, cleaning fluids, paints, varnishes, waxes and plastisols. The bag filter can be as simple as a filter media bag attached to the end of a pipe. If it is connected via an adapter, it may be more secure. For higher pressure and larger volume applications, insert the bag into the housing and be supported by the basket.

Bag filters are used to clarify and filter fluids that have a relatively small load of particles to be removed. The particle suspension passes through and the particles settle in the bag. The filtration rate from inside to outside is approximately 100 m3/m2 h. Therefore, the bag filter is usually used with auxiliary containers. Without the use of supports, the pressure drop across the filter must be lower. In the case of using a bag filter, industry standards usually define the size of the bag filter. The support container provides mechanical support for the filter with high productivity and prevents the filter material from elongating. The filter bag of the bag filter is usually made of needle-punched non-woven fabric and used as a depth filter. The pore volume varies between 70-90%. Filter bags are usually stitched at the edges. Bypass filtering can be avoided by welding the seams, but it is only possible to bypass filtering polypropylene or polyester if the material used is thermoplastic.

Generally speaking, like basket filters,Bag filterThe purpose is the same, but the filtration degree is higher. They provide filtration for small solid particles in the range of 1–1200 µm, flow rates between 1 and 1000 m3/h, and low solids content.

In operation, bags in the form of woven monofilament and multifilament fabrics, needle punched or melt-blown nonwoven fibers are equipped with top sealing devices to enable them to be positioned and sealed into suitable containment containers. Considering that a higher pressure difference may be generated across the bag, the usual approach is to provide some kind of support frame, which is a cage made of metal rods or a basket made of perforated metal or wire mesh (as shown in the picture above) Support net basket). The basket secures the bag in place and prevents the bag from breaking. When replacing the filter bag, you can also use the basket to lift the full bag.               Mobile: 13355281100
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