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The medium-efficiency filter is easy to operate and is the main intermediate filter for air-conditioning systems

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mainMedium efficiency filterThe operation is simple and it is the main intermediate filter of the air conditioning system. It can effectively filter dust particles. Some consumers report that the filtering effect is not good. What are the reasons that affect the filtering effect of medium efficiency filters? The following doubts for everyone.

Medium efficiency filter

The first is air leakage
Air leakage directly affects the dust collection effect and life of the filter, and the air leakage rate is required to be<3%. Bag dust collectors usually operate under negative pressure, and if a leak occurs, a small loop short circuit is easily formed. The amount of air handled by the dust collection system is insufficient to form positive pressure dust. Air leakage will also reduce the temperature of the system, easily remove wet bags, increase the resistance to dust collection, and reduce filtration.
Two filter wind speed
Medium efficiency filterThe filtering air speed is an important parameter that affects the performance of the dust collector, and it is also an important parameter to measure the progress of the bag filter. The filtering air speed is closely related to the dust concentration, dust particle size, dosage, viscosity, gas temperature, water content and cleaning method of the dust-containing gas. When the dust particles are fine, the temperature and humidity are high, the concentration is high, and the viscosity is high. The filtration air speed should be low, and vice versa. If the filtering air speed is too large, the load of the filter bag increases, the filtering resistance increases, the service life is short, and the efficiency is low.
Three filter bag materials
The selection and application of filter bag materials is the core technology of the bag filter, which plays a decisive role in the performance of the filter. Due to the environment of the dust collection point, the nature of the dust treatment, temperature and technical requirements, different filter materials should be selected according to different conditions, and corresponding technical protection measures should be taken. The requirements for filter bag materials include the following. Performance: The filter bag material is suitable for different temperatures, good peelability, easy to clean, good breathability, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, high strength, high cleaning strength, long service life and low price.               Mobile: 13355281100
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