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The purpose of the air shower

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Many industries currently useAir showerProducts, the specific uses of some purchasers for the air showerNot very understanding. NowadaysSony Purification EditorSimple sharing for everyone.

Air showerMainly used inElectronics, medical, pharmaceutical, crystal materials, foodWait for the clean room. YespersonnelEnter a protective opening in the workshop. After blowing in the air shower room, some debris particles such as dust carried by the personnel will be removed, so as to achieve a complete dust-free production workshop. The air shower room is a strong guardian of the clean room.

The air shower room can be divided into:

Top blowing shower room, single single blowing shower room, single double blowing shower room, single three blowing shower room, double double blowing shower room, double three blowing shower room, multi person double blowing shower room, multi person three blowing shower room room.

The air shower room can be divided into:

Stainless steel air shower room, steel plate air shower room, stainless steel air shower room in the outer steel plate, color steel air shower room, and stainless steel air shower room in the outer color steel plate.

The air shower room can be divided into:

Intelligent voice air shower room, automatic door air shower room, explosion-proof air shower room, fast rolling door air shower room, etc.

The air shower room can be divided into:

Human shower room, cargo shower room, human shower channel, cargo shower channel.

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