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The role of the air shower in the clean room

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In front of the production workshop and operating room, there will be a \"small house\". People must enter the \"small house\" and blow a gust of wind before they can officially enter the production workshop or operating room. This \"small house\" is an essential equipment in the purification project-the air shower. Can say,Air showerIt's the \"Huh Ha two generals\" of the clean room. No virus, bacteria, or dust can escape its \"Dharma Eye\". Don't think of it as the \"sneaky\" past.

The air shower room is like \"the subway security inspection device with screen\", and it is also like the guard booth when the People's Liberation Army stands guard, firmly \"guarding\" the environment of the clean room. When people are in the air shower room, it is not a simple \"blowing\". The air shower room must first filter and clean the air, and then blow it towards the human body at a specific time, point of view, and strength, and the dust particles after removal are filtered. The filter absorbs and filters, so it goes back and forth to ensure cleanliness.

Air showerHow much wind speed should be reached? It is about the same as the low wind speed of daily use hair dryer. Particles are attached to clothes. Generally speaking, the wind speed of the air shower room must reach 20m/s or more to achieve better results, which is equivalent to the wind speed that can blow up dust on the ground, paper, and small branches of trees.

There are also specific requirements for the blowing point of view in the air shower room. Just like washing clothes, you must rub the clothes with your hands. In order to cause the clothes to vibrate, the airflow should be blown to the surface of the clothes from a certain point of view, and this point of view is usually 30 degrees. -60 degrees. This point of view has a good blowing effect on the gaps in the fabric or the dust with strong adhesion.

The air shower room is highly automated and easy to operate. Some use infrared induction technology to enter from the unclean area. After the door is closed, the infrared sensor will blow the shower. After the shower, the door is locked, and you can only go out of the air shower room. The electronic interlocking of the door can double the effect of the airlock chamber, preventing external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area.

Simply put, the air shower is the first barrier of the purification project and the first defense against viruses and bacteria from entering the clean room. When we enjoy delicious food and use electronic devices, how can we forgetAir showerThe effect of the clean environment created!               Mobile: 13355281100
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