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The use of the use of high efficiency filters must pay attention to problems

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What are the problems that the use of high efficiency filters should be concerned? The following is explained by Shandong Xinli's Xiaobian:

The preferred method of extending the life of the high-efficiency filter is to clean the dust in it. Using the life of the high-efficiency filter, it is necessary to consider the service life of the high-efficiency filter. If it is placed in the factory, it is necessary to take into account the corrosion, in order to work properly, the high-efficiency filter must be replaced within the specified time. Especially in the rainy season, it is important to consider the pollution of bacteria.

When replacing the high-efficiency filter, be sure to do carefully. After replacement, you must have a professional person to check, and sometimes adjust the air conditioning system to be used. In the early stage of the high-efficiency filter installation, you need to clear the indoor dust. If there is dust, you have to clean it again, so you can achieve the cleaning effect, if you install it after the ceiling, you should consider the full sweep in the ceiling. The resistance is also considered that the high and low resistance directly affects the efficiency of the high-efficiency filter, and if the long-term replacement will increase the operating cost. The energy consumption of running will be relatively low. During practice, the higher the high-efficiency filter is more dirty, the greater the resistance.

Whether it is a high efficiency filter or other devices, these issues cannot be ignored, and they must follow the order in the process of installation. Otherwise, in the later management and maintenance will cause a lot of trouble. The mechanism of the high-efficiency filter is very complicated, and the process is also different. When cleaning, different cleaning methods are used for different devices.
1. Observe the color of the air filter on the upper and lower air side filters, such as the wind filter color, the color of the air filter, is ready to change.
2, touch the air filter out of the wind filter material, if there is more dust in the hands, it is necessary to replace it.
3, multiple recording air filter changes, summarize the preferred replacement cycle.
4, under the premise of the endurance of the high-efficiency air filter, the cleansing chamber and the adjacent room pressure difference have declined significantly, and it may be that the primary mid-range filter resistance is too large, and to be prepared.
5, clean indoor presentation cleanliness does not reach the design request, or presenting a negative pressure, it is possible to replace the high-efficiency filter resistance when the primary and medium-effective air filter does not arrive, and needs to be replaced.               Mobile: 13355281100
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