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The working principle of the air shower is very popular in the precision electronics industry

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Air showerImproved the production efficiency of the clean room: Why does the air shower room increase the production efficiency of the clean room? The air shower room is an indispensable air inlet for the production workshop of the clean room. It has a simple structure, good blowing performance and high efficiency.

The dust-free workshop air shower room is very popular in the precision electronics industry. It is also an important industrial equipment used to develop and consume new products (such as mobile phones and other communication terminals). In order to produce high-precision, high-efficiency and low-rejection electronic components, the utilization rate of the air shower must be increased.

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Air showerIt is developed using various clean room technologies of microelectronics. Consumer terminals such as mobile phones and digital products are becoming more and more integrated, but their size and weight are declining among giant artillery. The wind speed of the air shower is based on Europe and America. The results show that when the wind speed is greater than 20 ms, the dust removal efficiency almost reaches a larger value. As the wind speed increases, the dust removal efficiency changes little. The air shower room is for dust with the same wind speed and different particle sizes. The larger the particle size, the better the dust removal. In fact, the air shower is because the air shower is between the clean area and the non-clean area, and is used frequently, so the resistance of the filter rises faster, so although the initial wind speed of most air showers exceeds 20 milliseconds, But after acceptance, but after a period of use, the wind speed will drop and the dust removal efficiency will drop rapidly.

When entering the workshop, workers in the air shower room of the clean room must pass through the clean room air shower room, and use rotating air to spray the human body in all directions through a rotatable nozzle to effectively and quickly remove dust. It can reduce the pollution caused by people entering and leaving the clean room.

CleanroomAir showerThe two doors are electronically interlocked and can also be used as an airtight room to prevent external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area. The air shower can prevent employees from bringing hair and dust into the workshop to meet the strict dust-free purification standards in the workplace and produce high-quality products.               Mobile: 13355281100
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