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Three factors affecting the efficiency of primary filter

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Compared with medium and high-efficiency filters, the primary filter has a lower price and is installed in the air filtration system to protect the subsequent equipment. Some customers may ignore the importance of the primary filter. In fact, the primary filter and the high-precision high-efficiency filter are equally important or even more important. The primary filter mainly filters the larger suspended particles in the air, and also blocks the air filtration system from the outside world. If there is no primary effect filter or the primary effect filter is not maintained in time, the working efficiency of the entire air filtration system will be reduced. The following snyli Purification Editor introduces the factors that affect the efficiency of the primary filter.

1. Filter area:

It is obvious that the filtration area of the primary filter affects the filtration efficiency. As we all know, the larger the area of the primary filter, the more air it comes into contact with, and the greater the ventilation. It can be said that an air filter with a large filtration area has a large ventilation volume and a high filtration efficiency. However, this does not mean that the user must choose a primary filter with a large filtering area. Due to space and maintenance constraints, not all occasions are suitable for the use of primary filters with large filtration areas.

2. Air resistance:

Air resistance is an important factor affecting the primary filter. Because the filtration accuracy of the primary filter is not high, the resistance is usually low. If the resistance of the air filter increases, more dust will be sucked in and adhered to the primary filter, which will hinder the air entering the air filter system, resulting in a decrease in air volume and a decrease in the working efficiency of the air filter system.

3. Wind speed:

In contrast, the lower the wind speed, the higher the filtration efficiency of the primary filter. Because when the wind speed is relatively low, the diffusion effect of dust and fine suspended particles in the air is more obvious. At the same time, the low wind speed is beneficial to prolong the time for the airflow to pass through the primary filter, and the more ash deposits of the suspended solids hit the filter material, so as to achieve a better filtering effect.               Mobile: 13355281100
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