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Three-stage filtering to the necessity of the laboratory

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Three-level filter

In the laboratory, the discharge filter design is inseparable.Initial filter, The medium-alien filter, the high-efficiency filter three-stage filtering, the air filtered through the biosafety cabinet can be directly rowed to the atmosphere through the system's exhaust pipe, and can also be sent to the wind soaking system of the building. The pressure balance of the biological safety cabinet and the exhaust system should be ensured.

e) The wind in the laboratory shall be subjected to a primary filter, a polynary filter, and a high-efficiency filter.

f) The exhaust of the laboratory must be discharged directly to the air with a high-efficiency filter or addition of other methods. The vent should be away from the system air outlet position. The processed drain can also be discharged into the exhaust pipe of the building, but it is not allowed to be returned to any part of the building.

g) into the wind and exhaustHigh efficiency filterIt is necessary to install in the laboratory in the air outlets on the enclosure structure to avoid polluting the duct.

h) In the ventilation system of the laboratory, airtight regulatory valve should be installed in the air-proof and exhaust director, and it can be completely closed to perform indoor chemical fumigation disinfection.

i) All components used in the laboratory ventilation must be airtight. The high-efficiency filter used shall not be a wooden frame.

j) Start the automatic interlocking device should be installed to ensure that the air machine is opened when the laboratory is opened. When the shutdown is turned off, the fan is turned off.

K) Do not mount split air conditioners in the laboratory.

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