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Transfer window installation and operating precautions

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Pass windowIt is a helper device of a clean room, mainly used in the transmission of small pieces between clean areas and clean areas, and reduces the number of clean rooms to reduce the pollution of clean room to clean room. degree. The transfer window is made of stainless steel plate, smooth and smooth. Double doors are interlocking, effectively prevent cross-contamination, with electronic or mechanical chains, and configure UV sterilization lamps.

Installation Notes: Open hole in the wall selection, the opening size is generally 10mm outside the window, put the transfer window in the wall, is generally installed outside, the internal bracket is fixed, filled with rounded or other decorative strips The decorative transfer window is modified with the gap of the wall.

Pass windowThe two doors are turned off, plugging in a matching power supply, which requires disinfection sterilization, turns the ultraviolet sterilization lamp power switch, at which time the ultraviolet sterilization light is on, and disinfecting is sterilized as required.

Most of the transfer windows use interlocking devices, open the door to pass the window, and the opposite side of the door is automatically locked, so when passing the delivery item, first open the door of the transfer window, put the required delivery item into the transfer window, The door to the transfer window will be opened to open another side. Realizing the delivery of items, the person who takes the items will take the item, and the door should be customized immediately to avoid affecting the next item.

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