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Use and replacement of filters

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① Use of filter

The six filters of coarse, medium, high and medium efficiency, sub-efficient, high-efficiency, and ultra-high efficiency have their own uses and must be used correctly. If they are used improperly, they will not only not work but also produce undesirable or even opposite effects. Therefore, people who design, construct, and maintain clean rooms should pay special attention.

The coarse efficiency filter is used as a pre-filter, usually set in the air-conditioning box, and its function is to filter large particles to protect the subsequent air-conditioning equipment (such as surface coolers and heaters) and intermediate efficiency and more Advanced filters. Generally, coarse-efficiency filters cannot be used as terminal filters.

The medium-efficiency filter is generally located in the positive pressure section of the air-conditioning box, and its role is to protect terminal filters such as sub-high-efficiency and high-efficiency filters. It removes small and medium particles ≥1.0µm. Under normal circumstances, the medium-efficiency filter is an intermediate filter and cannot be used as a pre-filter or as a terminal filter.

Both high efficiency and ultra high efficiency filters are used as the final filter of the purification system. Generally placed on the ceiling of the clean room. High efficiency filter (HEPA) is a necessary final filter for clean rooms. The ultra-high efficiency filter is a 0.1μm, level 10, level 1 or higher clean room must be the final filter.

② Replacement of filter

After the filter has been running for a period of time, when the resistance of the filter reaches its final resistance Hz, it should be replaced under normal circumstances, otherwise its performance will decrease, failing to achieve the desired effect, and even affecting the normal operation of the system .

For coarse and medium-efficiency filters, some are discarded after one-time use, and some can be used after cleaning. However, the resistance of the coarse and medium-efficiency filters after cleaning is far greater than their initial resistance, and the efficiency is also improved.

However, sub-high efficiency, high efficiency and ultra high efficiency filters are all disposable and discarded after use.               Mobile: 13355281100
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