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We must pay attention to the five-step process of primary filter leak detection

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Primary filterFive steps of leak detection:

1. The instrument used: dust particle counter.

2. The principle of leak detection: This experiment uses the principle of light scattering. The counter uses the principle of a photomultiplier tube to receive the light reflected by dust particles to determine its size and quantity, and conduct scientific analysis.

3. Requirements of the experiment

 1. Status: It needs to be tested in a static environment, and the relevant personnel cannot exceed 2;

 2. Pressure difference: For different cleanliness, the static pressure difference is generally 5Pa, and the static pressure difference between the clean area and the non-clean area is 10Pa;

3. Environment: The surrounding temperature should be controlled between 18-26℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled between 45--65%.

4. Method of experiment:

1. Wipe and disinfect the instrument counter with water and 75% alcohol, then irradiate it with ultraviolet light for about 30 minutes, and then pass it into the clean area;

2. Place the counter horizontally on the desktop, and connect the plastic tube port for measurement to the nozzle of the filter device;

3. Turn on the power and the device will automatically start testing;

4. Observe the displayed data;

5. Turn off the power immediately after the test is completed.

5. The conclusion of the experiment:

      Through the above experiment we can see which onePrimary filterIf there is a leak, it needs to be plugged or replaced. In addition, these devices must be tested again after repair or replacement. Under normal use conditions, it is generally necessary to conduct a test at least once a year to see if the performance of the equipment changes.               Mobile: 13355281100
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