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What are the air filter performance and precautions for use?

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air filterNeedless to say, everyone knows the use in our current life, but what are the matters needing attention when using the equipment? The following explains the air filter performance and precautions for use:

1. Analysis of the performance advantages of air filtration equipment

1. High filtration efficiency: Compared with other filtration devices, this device has a relatively long air passage, and the area is gradually enlarged. This design is very beneficial to the sedimentation of dust, and the separator in it The overlapping and staggered arrangement is adopted, so that the air flowing through the equipment is filtered twice, which is not easy to cause the harm of secondary pollution.

2. Low wind resistance and low pressure loss: The unique streamline design inside the equipment allows the air to pass more smoothly, resulting in low energy loss and low wind resistance.

3. Realize the self-cleaning function: the dust in the air and the airflow will quickly settle into the dust collecting tank and be discharged from the dust outlet after separation, so the equipment can basically be maintenance-free, and the wind resistance will not increase with the time of use , Greatly reducing the workload.

4. Diversified installation methods: All parts in the equipment are made of aluminum materials, making full use of its easy forming and low density characteristics, making the equipment stronger and lighter, so it can be selected according to different environments Different installation methods.

5. The filter parameters can be adjusted: in use, the characteristics of the equipment can be changed by adjusting the front and rear, left and right distances of the separator. Adjusting the spacing can improve the efficiency of filtration, but the resistance will also increase; if the spacing is increased, it will Reduce the resistance of ventilation, but the corresponding filtration efficiency will also decrease.

2. Precautions for the use of air filtration equipment

Although the current air purification equipment market is developing more and more rapidly, the penetration rate among the general public is not very high. The reason is worthy of our deep consideration. I think a large part of the reason is our consumers. The concept of these devices is still very vague, and the methods of use and maintenance are not very clear, and the misunderstandings are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Many people think that opening windows frequently for ventilation can purify indoor air and improve air quality. This is not entirely unreasonable. If the outdoor air quality is good, opening windows often can indeed increase the oxygen content in the air and reduce the concentration of toxic gases. But if you are in an area where the pollution itself is more serious, the outdoor pollution may be more serious than the indoor one, then simply opening windows for ventilation will not solve the problem.

2. If you want to completely remove bacteria, peculiar smells, formaldehyde and other substances in the air, the air purification equipment needed is very advanced and scientific, and many manufacturers now claim that all pollution can be removed. In fact, it is only for one kind of pollution, so you must be careful when choosing.

3. With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the functions of air equipment on the market do not only stop at the level of pollution purification, but also have many additional functions, such as humidifying the air and increasing plasmacluster groups, etc. It can be considered.               Mobile: 13355281100
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