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What are the characteristics of high efficiency filters

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High efficiency filter

A complete filtration system includes primary filtration, intermediate filtration, and high-efficiency filtration. After such a complicated filtration process, tiny dust particles can be removed. These filtration technologies must be completed by special filters. Each filtration The current products are obtained after years of continuous accumulation of R&D and development. Among them, the high-efficiency filter is a high-tech product, which is produced using advanced technology. Compared with other filters, it is an improvement and sublimation. The reason why it has attracted so much attention is of course inseparable from its unique advantages.

    First introduceHigh efficiency filterOf course, it has the same characteristics as medium-efficiency filters. It also has the advantages of low resistance and large dust holding capacity, but its production quality is extremely high. Each unit must be tested by the nano-flame method to be qualified. As for the field of use, it is also very good. Widely used in the manufacture of optical instruments, such as LCD manufacturing is a good example; it is also needed in the production of biomedicine, and it is also used in the production of beverages and foods. In addition, it also needs its assistance in the PCB printing workshop. It can create A dust-free and clean production environment workshop.

    There are also different structures for high-efficiency filters. With partitions, with or without partitions, etc., the degree of purification can be as high as 90% or more. There is another type of high-efficiency filter that we must understand, that is, the antibacterial type. The high efficiency filter without partition can prevent bacteria from entering. The high-efficiency filter adopts a computer control system, which can be remotely assisted and controlled. It is well-equipped and has a long service life. It is not regularly replaced like other filters. The high-efficiency filter has high filtration efficiency and high filtration speed. The product you have been looking forward to.

useHigh efficiency filterIn the entire development process, small molecules in the air can be captured. This kind of filtration is mainly made of some glass fiber paper filter media, offset paper, and aluminum film. For such a The advantages of this product in the entire development process are relatively large, and it is worth considering from the perspective of comprehensive development.

    The advantages of using such a product are very large. First, the use of such a product will achieve better results in effective filtration. Second, the use of such a product can hold a large amount of dust, due to the advantages in the overall development Larger, such products are now widely used in optical electronics and some liquid crystal display manufacturing, as well as the production of precision instruments.               Mobile: 13355281100
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