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What are the characteristics of liquid tank type high-efficiency filters?

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Liquid trough high-efficiency filter [DOP liquid trough high-efficiency filter] is a terminal filter with a more ideal industrial clean room. It is also an ideal support for other purification equipment. The liquid tank seal is a method superior to the currently commonly used mechanical pressing device seal. The liquid tank filter is conveniently installed, and the sealing is reliable is a highly efficient filter sealing method that is widely used in the purification industry. The design of the liquid tank structure extends outwardly over the four sides of the filter, and the lower end of the housing is folded, and the fold is opposed to the horizontal groove, form a groove. It is possible to prevent cracks, and it is also convenient to replace the high efficiency filter.

Liquid trough high-efficiency filter, using ultrafine glass fiber filter paper, using high quality hot melt adhesive as a spacing, a polyurethane is sealed, and an aluminum profile is used, and the diamond mesh is used. With its unique liquid trough structure design, it can effectively reduce the cost of cleansing rooms, which can meet more requirements for sealing properties.

Liquid trough sealant, like jelly, also known as jelly gum, has no volatilization, not afraid of oil, non-toxic, no odor, excellent stability at normal temperature.

Liquid trough high-efficiency filters have the following features:

Beautiful appearance, convenient installation, thin thickness, light weight, high filtration efficiency.

The filtration area is large, long service life, low resistance.

Isolated bubbles, environmental protection, and usually used in combination with the tool holder frame.

The two-component AB sealing adhesive ensures more reliable.

Application of liquid tank type high efficiency filter:

Liquid trough filters are mainly used in electronic, pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, high efficiency freelet, laminarized equipment and other clean places.               Mobile: 13355281100
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