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What are the characteristics of medium efficiency filters

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Medium efficiency filterWhat are its characteristics? snyli Purification will answer for you!

The medium-efficiency filter, as the name implies, is the layer of filter sandwiched between the primary effect and the high-efficiency filter. It is used in the purification of pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food and other industries. As the front-end filter of the high-efficiency filter, it can better intercept The medium-sized particles after the initial effect can reduce the load of the high-efficiency filter, thereby prolonging the service life of the high-efficiency filter.

The medium efficiency filter has the following characteristics:

1. Collect 1~5 micron particle dust and other suspended matter in the air;

2. Large air flow, low resistance, large dust holding capacity and long use time;

3. The windward filter has a large area and it is convenient and quick to replace the filter material;

4. The structure is divided into frameless and framed. Removable frame design, filter material can be changed, filter material can be cleaned, used repeatedly, economical and cost saving, high dust holding capacity, low resistance, long use time, size can be made according to customer requirements;

5. Filtration efficiency: 60~95%@1~5μm (colorimetric method);

6. Use high temperature up to 80℃ and high humidity up to 80%.

Medium-efficiency filters are mainly used in the ventilation and air-conditioning systems of large civil buildings such as office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, etc., the pre-filtration of central air-conditioning systems in central air-conditioning or clean rooms in general industrial plants, and the sub-efficient filtration of central ventilation systems. Pre-filtration, mid-end filtration of pharmaceutical, electronic, food industry and air conditioning and ventilation systems. Compared with some occasions where the environmental requirements are not high, after the medium-efficiency filter, there may be no need to install the high-efficiency filter, and the purified air can directly enter the home.               Mobile: 13355281100
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