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What are the common sense of the primary air filter?

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air filterIt is the key equipment in the purification air-conditioning system, which provides clean air for the clean room through the step-by-step filtration of the filter. Its performance directly affects the air purification effect of the air conditioning system and the cleanliness level of the room. Therefore, the purification air-conditioning system must select a suitable air filter and ensure its reliable operation. Air filters are divided into primary, medium, sub-efficient, high-efficiency and ultra-high-efficiency filters according to their filtration efficiency. Today, snyli Purification Editor will first introduce a few common sense of the primary filter.

1. Purpose

Primary-efficiency filter is also called coarse-efficiency filter. Primary-efficiency filter is used as the front-end filter in air filtration to effectively protect the filtration efficiency and service life of the lower filter. It is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. Generally used in: primary filtration of air conditioning systems, pre-filtration of multi-stage filtration systems. There are several types of structure, such as plate type, folding type and bag type.

2. Structure

The structure of the primary filter is generally divided into a dragon skeleton and a frame skeleton. The dragon skeleton is characterized by its sturdiness and uniform distribution of filter materials, but it takes time and labor to make. The frame skeleton is characterized by convenient replacement of the filter material, time-saving production, and slightly worse strength than the dragon skeleton. The outer frame materials include paper frame, aluminum frame, and galvanized iron frame. Filter materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc. The protective net includes double-sided plastic sprayed wire mesh and double-sided galvanized wire mesh.

3. Replacement cycle

If the filter uses a washable filter material, it can be rinsed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, dried, and then replaced; cleaning is allowed at most two times, that is, a new filter must be replaced to ensure filtration effectiveness;

When the resistance of the filter reaches more than 250Pa, the filter must be replaced;

If the dust concentration in the environment is high, the service life cycle will be reduced.

4. Instructions for installation and use

The filter must be checked regularly for damage to the plastic mesh, whether there is any blockage on the air inlet surface, and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged; if there is any debris that blocks the surface, it should be removed; if the surface of the filter material is severely damaged, it must be replaced New filter material or replace with new filter and reinstall;

When installing the filter, ensure a good seal with the side of the frame to prevent air volume leakage; do not use heavy objects to hit the surface of the filter, and do not use force to pull the surface of the filter material.               Mobile: 13355281100
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