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What are the differences between a clean shed and a dust-free clean workshop?

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Clean shed

Clean shedWidely used in the purification environment, it is essentially different from the dust-free workshop.

1. The clean room is a small space enclosed by anti-static transparent plastic cloth in a turbulent clean room space. It adopts independent HEPA or ULPA and air-conditioning blower units to become a higher-level clean space. Its grade is Class 100~10000, the height of the internal space is about 2.0 meters, and the coverage area is less than 50m2. The four pillars can be equipped with movable wheels, which can be used for flexibility.

2. There are generally three types of frames for clean rooms: stainless steel square passes, iron square passes, and aluminum profiles. There are generally three types of top materials: stainless steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate sprayed, anti-static mesh curtain, (anti-static) acrylic plate. For the clean air supply part, generally choose FFU laminar flow hood enclosure materials generally include: anti-static curtain, (anti-static) acrylic board.

3. Cost comparison with the clean room: Generally speaking, most customers will build the work shed in the clean room, but some customers do not want to build a separate clean room, and the air conditioning system and air shower are not considered in the clean work shed. In the case of purification equipment such as the room and transfer window, its cost is about 40% to 60% of the cost of the clean room, depending on the customer's choice of materials and size. The larger the area that needs to be cleaned, the smaller the difference between the cost of the work shed and the clean room.

Fourth, the choice of purification level: more customers will choose a thousand-level shed, or ten thousand shed, a small number of customers will choose a hundred or ten thousand level. In short, the choice of grade depends on the customer's need for cleanliness, but because it is relatively airtight, if the clean room level is relatively low, it will often bring some side effects: insufficient cooling capacity, employees will feel more stuffy in the shed , So you need to pay attention to this in the actual communication process with customers.

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