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What are the factors affecting the air filter filter?

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The air filter is an air filter device. The main function is to filter the dust in the air, so that the gas entering the room is purified, usually used in the dust-free workshop, clean room and laboratory. At present, the air filter is an important means of air purification. Its quality can be said to determine if the indoor cleaning is a standard method. The following is a small series of Shandong Xinli to introduce factors affecting the filtering effect of the air filter.

Air volume, filtration efficiency, air resistance and dust collector are four main factors affecting the air filter. In addition, air supply and filter life are also very important parameters.
1. Air volume: air volume of air filter = area of ​​the wind speed × filter portion of the filter portion (M2) × 3600m3

2. Filtering efficiency: Percentage of air dust concentration N1 and N2 before and after the filter in the rated air, is referred to as the filter A.

Effect of evaluating the filter with permeation rate is usually more intuitive. Permeability k refers to a percentage of dust concentration in the air before the filter.

3. Air resistance: The resistance encountered by the air flowing through the air filter is part of the total resistance of the system. The resistance increases with the increase of the filtration rate.

4. Capsule: Refers to the dust in the air filter when the final resistance is reached under the rated air volume.

The main source of cleansing room dust particles is the flow of people. According to statistics, it accounts for more than 80% of the total. In addition, from buildings, approximately 10% to 15%. Typically, the dust caused by purifying the air supply system should be less.

It is worth noting that the function of the air filter is filtered out of dust particles, which is also the main measures of sterilization.

This is because dust particles are typically used as a carrier of bacteria. If there is more dust particles in the air, the bacteria will be easily adhered to them, so the filter dust particles are equivalent to filtered out a large number of bacteria.               Mobile: 13355281100
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