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What are the functions of the primary filter in the air conditioning box?

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Primary filter

1. Effectively dispose of indoor air pollution, such as dust, and provide fresher air;

2. Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air outlet of the air conditioner, and extend the service life of the equipment;

3. To meet the corresponding standard requirements in clean rooms of different levels. If the clean room wants to reach a certain level of cleanliness, it must be installed with a primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room;

4. Deal with the appearance of serious dust accumulation in components such as fans, heat exchangers, pipes, etc., and also have the effect of removing peculiar smell.

NowadaysPrimary filterThere are more and more applications in various purification systems, and many factors have become important criteria for selection, but the service life of the equipment is still the most important basis for people to choose this equipment, and it is one of the indicators that everyone cares about the most.

However, in actual use, it is difficult for us to predict the service life of the primary filter. Therefore, we often use the actual weight of the dust contained in the equipment to calculate the budget. At the same time, the dust can only be based on the experimental conditions and methods. Estimate the service life of different equipment based on the amount.

What is the dust holding capacity?

In fact, its definition is very simple, that is, the total amount of dust intercepted by the filter before reaching the end of the experiment. The method of the experiment is also very simple, which is to send a certain amount of artificial dust to the air duct of the experiment through the dust generating device until After the artificial dust is completely sent, the filter under the experiment is removed and weighed to obtain the change in its mass, so as to calculate the weight power of the filter equipment.

Repeat the above method until you accept the experimentPrimary filterWhen the final resistance value is reached, the average weight power of the entire experiment can be calculated.               Mobile: 13355281100
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