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What are the maintenance methods for the air shower?

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Air showerWhat should I pay attention to when maintaining?Below byXiaobian of Shandong snyli PurificationDetails to youIntroduction-Air showerseveralMaintenance method

1. Regularly use the instrument to determine the technical indicators of the equipment, and if it does not meet the technical parameter requirements, it should be processed and adjusted in time.

2. According to the actual use, the initial effect will be regularly adjustedair filterReplace it.

3. When the wind speed is found to be small, first check whether the surface of the primary air filter is black. If it is black, it means that the pre-filter contains more dust and the resistance is increased. The primary air filter should be removed and replaced.

4. When replacing the filter, you must remove the spray ball plate, take out the filter, and replace the new air filter according to the original filter specifications. When installing, confirm the arrow mark on the filter, and the arrow should point to the direction of airflow. And to ensure a good seal to prevent leakage.

5. After the filter is replaced, it is necessary to confirm that there is no leakage in the frame, and use a dust particle counter to detect it, and it can work normally after reaching the technical indicators.

6. Regularly check and repair the electrical circuit. If there is any fault, refer to the electrical schematic diagram for repair.

7. Regularly maintain the door to align the electronic lock with its lock hole to prevent the lock pin from jamming.               Mobile: 13355281100
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