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What are the methods of improving high-efficiency air filter sealing effect?

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High efficiency air filterHas been widely used in medical, electronics, fine manufacturing, biomedicine and other industries clean workshop. High efficiency and ultra-efficient filters are used in the end of the clean room. The seal of the high-efficiency air filter is directly related to the cleanliness of clean space. What method can be used to improve the sealing effect of the high-efficiency filter? The following is a small series of Shandong Xinli to explain how to improve the sealing effect of high-efficiency air filters:

1. By using a negative pressure leakage seal method, the pollution of the positive pressure space is transmitted to the negative pressure space outside the work area through artificial intervention, ensuring that the work area is not contaminated.

2, liquid tank sealing method, this method is in the groove frame, injecting the sealing liquid, insert the mouth of the high-efficiency filter into the sealing liquid, so that the air passage on both sides is blocked, and the sealing purpose is achieved. This sealing method reliability, the filter is convenient, usually applied to a level 100, 10 and higher cleanliness clean room seal.

3, contact filler sealing method, sealing packing with solid gasket, such as neoprene, closed sponge rubber plate, etc., as well as liquid sealing, such as silicone rubber, neoprene, natural rubber, etc. Solid gaskets typically use a sealing method of compression of a bolt mother. The amount of compression of the rubber sheet is generally 30% -50%. Liquid sealant is sealed by filling and adhesion method. This sealing method is also a sealing method commonly used in clean chambers.

Generally, through the above three methods, it will be greatly improvedHigh efficiency air filterThe sealing effect in order to achieve clean requirements of the high-efficiency air filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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