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What are the working principles and characteristics of air filters?

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air filterWhat are the working principles and characteristics of the product? The editor of Shandong snyli Purification will give you a detailed answer:

1. Working principle of air filter

In pneumatic technology, air filter, pressure reducing valve and lubricator are called the three major pneumatic components. In order to obtain multiple functions, these three air source treatment elements are usually assembled together in order, which is called a pneumatic triplet. Used for air purification, filtration, pressure reduction and lubrication.

According to the order of the intake direction, the installation order of the three main components is the air filter, the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist device. In most pneumatic systems, three main parts are essential air source devices. They are installed near air-using equipment and guarantee the quality of compressed air. In addition to ensuring the quality of the three major components, factors such as space saving, convenient operation and installation, and optional combination must also be considered.

The compressed air flowing in from the inlet is introduced into the baffle. The baffle has uniformly distributed helical teeth similar to fan blades. These helical teeth force the compressed air flowing at a high speed to produce a strong rotation along the tangential direction of the teeth and mix in the air. The liquid water, oil, and larger impurities are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force, thrown on the inner wall of the water cup, and flow to the bottom of the water cup. The compressed air that removes liquid water, oil and larger impurities is further filtered by the air filter element to remove tiny solid particles, and then clean compressed air is output from the outlet. The umbrella-shaped water baffle divides the water cup into upper and lower parts, and the lower part maintains a static pressure zone, which can prevent the high-speed rotating airflow from inhaling the water and oil at the bottom of the water cup. The water and oil collected at the bottom of the cup are drained from the drain valve, and the air filter must be installed vertically with the cup down.

Second, the characteristics of the air filter

1. The inner cavity of the air filter housing is anodized, and epoxy powder is sprayed on the housing.

2. The fiber diameter in the equipment is small and the surface is smooth.

3. The air filter element adopts special anti-leakage technology to ensure the filtering effect.

4. It can filter solid impurities and oil mist, and quickly remove oil mist.

5. The air filter element uses imported borosilicate glass fiber.               Mobile: 13355281100
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