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What do you need about a bag-type neutral filter?

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PocketMetal filterMainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply systems, can be used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems to protect the next level of the filter and system itself in the system itself, in a place where air purification is not strict, the kiosity filter is treated The post-air can be sent directly to the user.

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PocketMetal filterIt has been widely used in the central air-conditioning ventilation system, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronic, food and other industrial purification, as well as the front end of the high-efficiency air filter to reduce the load of the high-efficiency air filter, extend its service life. Because the bag filter is large, it is large, the wind speed is low, and it is considered to be the current genital filter structure. Bag mid-range filter, border with aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, etc., filter materials have nonwoven fabric, glass fibers, and the like.

The bag-type medium is made of its unique bag structure to ensure that the airflow is equilibly full of bags. Unique thermal melt technology prevents excessive extrusion or leakage between the bags, which reduces resistance and reaches a lot of dust. The \"bag support grille \" that is reinforced can prevent the filter from shrinking or bending in a very poor working environment.

PocketMetal filterIt can be used as an ideal alive filtration, which is used in a large environment of moist, high air flow, and dust load. Bag filters in pharmaceutical, automotive and food manufacturing industries, commercial buildings and various industrial and ventilation systems have successfully proved that they have improved industry standards with their value and performance.               Mobile: 13355281100
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