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What do you need to pay attention to before installing efficient delivery?

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Efficient air outlet

Efficient air outletThere are a lot of precautions before installation, and the installation of high-efficiency air outlets is directly related to cleanliness of clean room (dust-free), so each installation details need to pay attention, the following Shandong Xinli Xiaobian takes everyone knows how to install efficient delivery A few items that need to be noted in front of the wind:

1. Before installation, the dimensional efficiency requirements of efficient air outlets must comply with clean room on-site design requirements and customer application standards.

2, clean rooms need to install high-efficiency air outlets and seams between the wind and the seams between the hanging plates, and the cracks must be strictly handled. Remember that the efficient air supply is damaged or the coating is damaged shall not be installed. The air supply port is installed and the wind tube must be strictly connected, and the opening is used to reinforce the filament treatment with plastic film and tape. Several precautions, it is to directly affect the entire clean room clean standard.

3 It is necessary to clean, and the purge air conditioner system must be tried to run continuously to run more than 12h, and then clean it again.


5. Before the high-efficiency air supply, the air-free package is required to be inspected on site, including filter paper, sealant and frame without damage; whether the edge length, diagonal and thickness are in line with the requirements; the frame has glutinous and rust (metal frame);

6. Conduct high-efficiency air proof leak detection, check and leakage is qualified, and should be reasonably prepared according to the resistance between the air outlets, for one-way stream, the same air, or the filament on the air, Each rated resistance and average resistance of each table should be less than 5%. For the purpose of filtering an aerosol, there is a specially required air-conditioning end high-efficiency filter or its end device, the field scan detection can be performed in order to meet the filtering requirements.               Mobile: 13355281100
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