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What do you need to pay attention to using air filters using air filters?

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Note One:

In the medicine industry clean room, the air supply is the main data of the one-way streamlined area control. The clean room is mainly to filter the dust particles in the air by clean and air conditioning, realizing the control of dust particles in the air, achieving cleanliness Level, therefore take enough air volume loops to ensure indoor cleanliness.

Precautions 2:

To ensure that the airflow flow does not lead to the risk of pollution, for example, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the airflow does not blow the operating equipment and the dust particles carried by the operator to the area with high cleanliness, and the air supply is required to install the high-efficiency filter.

Precautions 3:

The high-efficiency filter is installed and sealed, which is the key to air purification. It is also a difficult point in the long run. The leakage after the filter is installed is a test. Many clean room is not because the seal is not done. The seal does not have a good problem in other clean rooms, but if there is a bio-clean room in the pharmaceutical industry, if there is a leak, it means that the bacteria, it is critical to the biological clean room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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