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What does medical purification do?

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The main purpose of medical purification is to provide a clean environment for various medical activities and further improve the quality of medical treatment. At present, the level of medical purification has become one of the standards to measure the overall strength of a hospital. What we usually call medical purification mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Operating room purification

Operating room purification is an important part of medical purification. Purification of the operating room allows the operating room to maintain a clean environment close to aseptic to the greatest extent, reducing postoperative infections. Generally, a complete clean operating room is divided into three areas: clean area, general clean area, and non-clean area. The clean air-conditioning system is mainly used, and the decoration, electrical system, and water supply and drainage system are combined to achieve the cleanliness required by the operation.

2. Other purification in the hospital

In the past, medical purification was mainly used in operating rooms, but now it is also widely used in other departments, including intensive care unit ICU, NICU, PICU, blood laminar flow ward, burn ward, and delivery room. These purifications greatly improved the patient's environment, reduced postoperative infections, and promoted the patient's recovery.

3. Purification of the hospital central supply room

The central supply room is the sterile supply center of the entire hospital. It mainly provides sterile equipment, sterile auxiliary materials and sterile materials for other departments in the operating room. It is one of the most important parts of all departments in the hospital and is also used for medical purification. Focus. In medical purification, the central supply room is generally divided into three parts: pollution recovery area, clean area, and sterile area.

4. Laboratory purification

In the hospital, there are various laboratories, including cell laboratories, HIV laboratories, immune laboratories, PCR laboratories, and reproductive center laboratories. The laboratory generally includes two functions: laboratory tests and research experiments. In medical purification, laboratory air purification provides an effective guarantee for the stable operation of laboratory equipment and the safety of medical staff.

Basically, the above four items are the main content of medical purification. Some purification companies include the construction of medical gas systems and medical protection systems into medical purification. In some cases, the scope of medical purification is more extensive, including the purification of medical equipment and pharmaceutical production workshops.

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