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What does the number of the HEPA high efficiency filter do?

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The HEPA high-efficiency filter is the core device of the purification workshop. The high-density fiber interleaving structure can capture the cockroaches, the HEPA filter is in high-frequency enlarged view, its internal form is like cross-section, and the indoor air circulation is filtered. Most of the dust particles are filtered, and there are also some electrostatic elective technology HEPA screens to actively adsorb particulate matter.

The high efficiency filter is also divided into a lot of levels. Common parameters have H13, H14, etc. The larger, if the H13-level filter is configured with a low-purification requirement, the efficiency of the indoor air cycle will be lost, and the effect of possible purification is not as good as the H11-level filter. Therefore, when a filter is selected, a single pair of filters do not express the performance of the air filter. The air volume and efficiency are critical parameters considered. Among them, it involves a problem, such as the filter level requires the efficiency of H13, but the air volume is not enough, then it is necessary to add the number of air outlets to solve. Nor is it a reduction of filtering level. In the air purification project, it is necessary to combine to ensure filtration efficiency.

The problem is coming: Is the filtering efficiency 99.95% and 99.999% difference?
From the traditional process, it is not very big, but because the dust particle base in the air is very large, it is hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of grades. This base multiplied by 1 minus the difference in filtering efficiency is not The number of particles intercepted. In the case of a large number of bases, this efficiency is very huge, such as in the 100-third purification workshop, if using 99.95% of the H13 filter, the purification efficiency of the purification workshop will result in failure, and H14 may make it pass Cleanness test.               Mobile: 13355281100
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